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Nissan Micra review

Nissan Micra Review: Why It's Cool that Nissan Made the Micra for the Canadian Market Only

When it comes down to finding out why some vehicles make it across the border to the Canadian market and others don't it sometimes just comes down to a simple matter of demand rather than a hugely coordinated process of elimination that seems one country with more or less than the other.

The Micra, however, is one example of a car that arrived on the Canadian scene with only analogous vehicles in the United States market as opposed to a literal comparison. As one of the most affordable cars on the market, we're confident that, once we get down to the specs that you'll appreciate why this really is important. Which is why have offered a mini Nissan Micra review on this topic.

Nissan Micra review

So, what do you get with the Micra?

You get a car that has, among others, earned the 2015 award from for Subcompact of the Year. A peppy engine, with standard 5-speed manual transmission and all for a MSRP of less than $CAD 10,000. That's right, this is a car that will cost you less than nearly every other in its segment while also offering a huge quality of features and accessory options.

Heck, if you want the fully-equipped all-premium-inspired and top-quality model of the Micra you're not looking at a bill much higher than CAD $15,000. What, exactly, do you get with that? Well, RearView Monitor, USB connection for devices, fog lights, 109 horsepower, and just about everything else that you'd expect on a modern car from Nissan.

Introduced originally in the Japanese market as the Nissan March, or in other foreign markets as the Renault Pulse, one can point to the interesting fact that the Micra sustained a 21 year absence in the Canadian market. Discontinued, originally, in 1991 to be replaced by the Sentra, Nissan, on January 9th, 2014, announced they would be returning the well-appreciated vehicle as a 2015 model.

Nissan Micra review

Ironically, with the intention of replacing the Versa, which has since been cancelled as a Canadian-model. All this said, given the climate conditions across Japan and the engineering attention spent on developing a vehicle that can handle hot, cold, and those months in-between, the Micra has proven itself a capable competitor with sales that have exceeded expectations by contributing to a 100,000 Nissan vehicles sold in a 12-month period.

This is punctuated by the fact that the Micra, by MSRP pricing, is the most affordable vehicle in Canada, a sure-fire way to attract customers to your brand. Still, it's better-equipped than most of its competitors, and offers a versatility of interior space for drivers, passengers, and cargo. To learn more about each spec and model variation, come down to Abbotsford Nissan and let our experienced team of professionals assist you in discovering the Micra version that is right for you!

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