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Rumours about merging the Nissan Patrol and Armada

Rumours about merging the Nissan Patrol and Armada

We've been hearing for years that Nissan's been planning some sort of changes for the Armada - and finally, we have details that go into further depths about what, potentially, this will mean for drivers fond of the Armada lineup.

For those unfamiliar with the Patrol name, you are probably not alone. The truth of the matter may be a little more shocking, as, in fact, the Patrol is one of the oldest names associated with Nissan. Launching back in 1951, the first Patrol was an exclusive model offered to Japanese Nissan dealerships. Overall, it was a Japanese take on the popular Willys Jeeps of the same period, with obvious influence on the style and power - this first generation was called the 4W60 and came equipped with a 75 horsepower 3.7-litre Nissan-designed NAK engine. This offered part-time four-wheel drive and came equipped with a four-speed manual transmission.

It would go on to be replaced in 1959 with a second generation that had a production run reaching until autumn 1980. This was followed up with the 160 Series third generation, a fourth generation with a much more familiar look in 1987 until 1997, and a fifth generation from 1997, that offered diesel, turbo diesel, and petrol engines with huge customization opportunities. It ran until 2010 when the Patrol was rebranded as the Armada in the North American market.

The Armada that we know of in North America started its run in 2003, and was based on the Titan pickup truck platform, as a full-size SUV with 4-doors, and 8-passenger seating, the first two years included "Pathfinder" in the name, but was removed after 2004. Under the Armada nameplate, the vehicle continued production until 2015.

On February 10, 2016, Nissan unveiled the next-generation at the Chicago Auto Show - and with the notice that it will be going on sale in August 2016 as a 2017 model year. It will be based on the Nissan Patrol while incorporating points from the Infiniti QX80 and will be assembled in Japan - it has increased in size and will be offered in 2WD and 4WD options.

Are the Nissan Patrol/Armada merging?

To say that these two are merging is somewhat misleading - giving their unified history outside of North America, but, all the same, this badge engineering is part of Nissan's long-term plan for the Armada and Patrol to share a global platform rather than utilize the American-built Titan as a reference.

It will retain its 8-passenger seating opportunity this new Aramda will have the same physical presence and durability that made it a perfect vehicle for families who want the power of a pickup with the conveniences of space for everyone along for the ride.

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