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The new cummins turbodiesel v8 compared to the Ram 1500

The new cummins turbodiesel v8 compared to the Ram 1500

    The new cummins turbodiesel v8 compared to the Ram 1500

  • Available Uniquely on the 2016 Nissan Titan
  • 5.0-litre engine with 310 horsepower and 555 lb-ft of torque
  • Outperforms Ram's 3.0L EcoDiesel by over 100 lb-ft of torque
  • Amazing fuel economy with top-quality capabilities

When it comes to finding a vehicle that really lives up to expectations there's no better manufacturer to start with than Nissan. With years spent providing drivers with outstanding options that aim to put you on the road with the features that will get you ahead of the curve without complaints, it's never been a better time to come down and test drive the superior Nissan lineup. This year the statement becomes even truer thanks in part to the all-new 5.0L V8 Turbo Diesel option.

A unique partnership between Cummins and Nissan has resulted in an engine that has the quality and the potential to get you where you're going with the power and the presence on the road or worksite that will make a difference in the way you plan your day. Reviewing the expectations set by other heavy-duty inspired vehicles, the new Titan is ready to give the rest of the segment some real competition. Find out more today from the people at Abbotsford Nissan!

The new cummins turbodiesel v8 compared to the Ram 1500

Impressive Qualities Meet Nissan's Superior Standards

The new Cummins 5.0L V8 Turbo Diesel isn't just a pretty face. With 310 horsepower that eagerly match 555 lb-lf of torque, well, you see where this is going. Delivering this commitment to power to a half-ton vehicle certainly means that you will have your hands full. The impressive design on the new Nissan Titan means that you'll benefit from a gooseneck hitch that has been engineered directly into the model.

More than that, testing has shown that the Nissan Titan is able to move more than 4.5 metric tons (5 imperial tons) without breaking even the slightest sweat in the process. We've also seen that Nissan's gone the extra steps to base the chassis of the new Titan on the commercial vehicle segment to ensure durability and sustainability for years to come.

The new cummins turbodiesel v8 compared to the Ram 1500

An Enlightening Driving Experience

What you get with the Titan as opposed to the Ram 1500 is a new standard from the most prominent and appreciated diesel engine developer, Cummins. What you get on the vehicle itself really pushed the Titan out of the Ram 1500's depths and sets it into the upper stratosphere of power and presence. High-strength steel, tougher transfer case, incredible interior options and so much more.

Then we get the cargo bed, with Utili-track cargo system, the heavy-duty aluminum alloy cleats makes attaching, coordinating, and bringing more with you easy and convenient. More details will be released as we approach the Nissan Titan's launch date so be sure to keep in contact and feel free to reach out to Abbotsford Nissan where we'll be happy to provide you with all relevant details.

The new cummins turbodiesel v8 compared to the Ram 1500

Learn More About the New Cummins Turbodiesel V8 at Abbotsford Nissan

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